Friday, 25 June 2010

Business Cards

Just a couple of shots taken of my business cards in amongst the diverse collection of
others on show in the exhibition.

Exhibition Photo's

Just a few snaps from the Graphic Communication BA (Hons) Degree show, including work showcased in my FMPA2. The exhibition maintains a consistent theme throughout of racing goldfish, the water may seem dirty in terms of reasoning but the general explanation goes a little bit like this: Each fish has been given a number (relating to each student), the idea is symbolic of how we will be entering a creative environment to which we'll all be competing with one another. I chose to use my so called "lucky number" 04 to represent myself through the exhibition.

Mini Pack Shots

Here is the result of a long and rather tedious session in the photography studio trying to generate appropriate photo's for the Mini direct response pack shots.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

"Weirdy Beardy"

I hadn't actually been set this work as part of a brief at university, to be honest it was just something that caught my attention and I almost instantly wanted to be a part of. From the get go I'd had a vision of how I imagined an advertising campaign to look and it was then just a case of perfecting this. Although the concept isn't exactly genius, I personally think it's strength lies within it's visual communication and general design. It's one of those pieces of design work that doesn't really need a brilliant idea behind it as it relies on a cleaver use of typography and illustration. Putting everything else aside, the final pieces are exactly how I'd visualized them to appear and I'm satisfied with the end product. Again guys, please let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"Top Dog"

Norwich University College of the Arts / FMPA2
Brief - Advertising & Promotion / HMV

Overview - The Brief was self negotiated a
nd therefore bared little restrictions in direction and possible media solutions. I set out to tackle a very prominent issue that had been gaining a lot of press heat and join forces with a strong corporate brand, that I felt would have something to say. It was a very familiar problem of illegal downloading and how the music industry is essentially losing out of quality acts due to lack of funding. I found this particular brief extremely enjoyable not to mention satisfying as it's an issue that I feel strongly about. The finals show a collection of ads, both poster and billboard size, accompanied by a piece of ambient media using a fictional busking spot conveniently placed outside an HMV store.

Monday, 21 June 2010

MINI Car, Massive Personality.

Norwich University College of the Arts / FMPA2
Brief - Direct Response / Mini

Overview - The Brief asked that creative's should produce a take on the traditional mailer for the Mini group, that clearly demonstrates and alerts potential Mini prospects of how they can create their very own unique Mini.

"It's All A Load Of Rubbish"

Here's a little something I've had the enjoyment of picking up and dropping, over the duration of time spent at the Norwich University College of the Arts. It's hard to give reasoning as to why I would want to produce something so nonconformist. The simple truth is that I liked the idea of using illustration as a symbolic journal for anything important that has occurred over these last few testing years. The concept idea illustrates a trash can bursting with events, icons or memorable moments that have become a significant part of my uni life. Please let me know of your thoughts, thanks.